Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle came into existence on March 23, 1990. It was formally established on August 14, 1992 and registered with the state of Washington on September 1992 as a 501(c) non-profit organization.

The Association’s mission is:

    • To bring the Pakistani community together
    • To enhance Pakistan’s image and ideology in keeping with the Quaid-i-Azam’s (Founder of Pakistan) motto of Unity, Faith and Discipline
    • To communicate, cooperate, and coordinate individuals and organizations with common goals
Pakistan Association is continuously looking for opportunities to establish ties with other organization in the US to achieve our goals. Based on our charter and mission statement, every Pakistani and non-Pakistani who believe in safeguarding the ideology of Pakistan are considered members of our Association. We encourage everyone to participate in our Board meetings. They are open to everyone and are held on first Wednesday of each month in the Bellevue City Center.
Since its establishment, Pakistan Association has been working with local schools to set up informational events on Pakistan. PAGS together with Junoon has done fundraising for Afghan kids.
 Fund Raising Efforts for Pakistan
  • When Pakistan was hit by earthquake in 2005, Seattle’s Pakistani community raised 10 million USD from private donation which was the largest private contribution from the USA. It also raised 600,000 USD in cash and 2 load planes of in kind donation. The Pakistan Association worked with the US based nonprofit organization HDF to establish a girl’s school in that area. hat school is proving education to 500 students. Since then our board members have established organizations which are actively involved in promoting good solid educational institutions in Pakistan.
  •  PAGS board members have established organizations which are actively involved in promoting concrete educational institutions in Pakistan. 
  • The Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle (PAGS) raised over 1 million USD to help flood victims in Pakistan.
Pakistan Association encourages our community members to get involved in these types of activities. Pakistan needs our help.
 In the recent past we have hosted the following dignitaries from Pakistan
·         Numerous Consul Generals posted in USA
Following Ambassadors of Pakistan’s to USA have visited Seattle
·         Jamsheed Markeri
·         Riaz Khokar
Since its establishment in 1990 PAGS has done number of events and pursued ideas to champion the causes related to Pakistanis living in Seattle. (Concerts, Fundraisers , Newsletters). Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle is constantly striving to be responsive to its community needs and also very aware of the Association’s role in reflecting to non-Pakistanis the richness and diversity of our culture.To that end every year we celebrate Pakistan Independence Day by hosting an open picnic in a public park. We also celebrate Pakistan Day as a cultural event dedicated to child and youth with great participation from the community. The Association host  visa camp (twice a year) in Seattle. Anyone planning to visit Pakistan can come to the visa camp and apply for visa. PAGS has been celebrating Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha dinner gathering for over 20 years . The Association has been active on the political front as well. PAGS has kept the dialogue open with the Washington state representatives in the House and the Senate. Boards members meet with them on regular basis. The Association is also in constant touch with the Pakistani Consulate in LA as well as the Embassy in Washington DC.
One of the other purposes of Pakistan Association is to provide a political platform for safeguarding, improving, and enhancing the image of Pakistan in the United States. Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle is continuously looking for opportunity to establish ties with other Pakistani Associations in the US and becoming involved with the US Political Structure to make sure that the interests of Pakistan and its people are not compromised.